Week 5: Beginners Dumbbell & Glute Band Workout with Domia - 30min

Domia debuts her 30-minute dumbbell and glute band workout for beginners through to advanced that focuses on glutes, legs and core.

The workout also includes some upper body so that all areas are worked, however, the predominant focus will be on building glutes and sculpting your core.  

This workout can be performed in the gym or at home using Dumbbells if you have, and a booty band. It can also be done using bodyweight only, especially for beginners. Start with bodyweight and then try it at the gym with weights!

Let's do it!

Shot at home, Dubai 

About the workout:

  • Time: 30min 
  • Equipment: Band and pair of dumbells (5kg)
  • Level: Beginner (but you can work harder!)

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