Hello Tribe! I'm Sophe Grace, Founder and Creative Director - Welcome to Salt Sister! 

It's certainly been a journey and I'm so glad you're here...

I took my first big leap out into the world at  23 when I moved to the UAE with no job and no plan. I'd started by travelling around Europe, Thailand and India then ran out of money after 8 months, but I wasn’t ready to give up!

So I applied for work with the airlines, thinking - what better way to travel the world whilst being paid? 

Until we were recently grounded I'd been flying for 6 years - visiting 110 countries and countless cities around the world.

Flying 100+ hrs a month around the world meant I had to tackle wellness head-on - a healthy diet and regular training are essential to sustaining such a hectic schedule. I recently took things one step further, studying part-time to become a level 2 + level, 3 Qualified Personal Trainer... but along with championing a healthy attitude to mind, body and soul, my vision was changing, again. 

I wanted to combine everything I'd seen and learnt - I wanted to give women the opportunity to feel sexy - and socially conscious too.

So I decided to take my second big leap!  Mixing my passion for fitness, travel, design and Aussie inspired beach babe style together to create a new conscious swimwear label that is not only incredibly sexy but most importantly, empowers women and puts the health of our oceans first.

And so, Salt Sister Swim was born!

I'm so excited about the future, despite our challenging start to 2020, I truly believe that this is our wake up call and real chance to make a big difference. 

Check out our amazing Bikini Body Transformation program - it's free and fun and I can't wait for you to join me on the journey to a healthier happier lifestyle and a brighter future for our planet. 

I'd also love to hear from you - get in touch if you've got questions about our Bikini Body Transformation tribe or want to find out more about our commitment to the environment or our new collection launching soon!

Love Sophe xox

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