Meet Sophe Grace - Founder of Salt Sister

Hi ladies, 

I'm Sophe, the founder of Salt Sister and I’m SO excited to bring another aspect of my brand to you and help inspire health, wellness and body positivity which is the message I set out to project, both through my creations and as a Personal Trainer through the fitness and wellness side of Salt Sister.

Fitness has been a huge part of my life starting from my passion for dance as a young woman, reaching pre-elementary level in ballet for the Royal Academy of Dancing, and doing part-time dance tuition. As I grew older I decided to explore my passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals and became a certified level 2 and level 3 Personal Trainer.

Together with my Salt Sister collection, I wanted to create an awesome free program for all of you to help you achieve your goals and to join our healthy lifestyle.

We have put together tips and tricks from some the best in the field and our goal is to help you feel confident and amazing wearing Salt Sister swimwear because every woman should! 

We are not just another swimwear brand, We want you to be a part of our exciting sustainable journey of a healthy planet, healthy mind, and healthy body.

We have so much more to offer you and now that you are part of our Salt Sisterhood, you have free access to it all.

If you would like to know more about me personally, and as a fitness professional, please follow my journey on Insta

Find me here: @sophegrace 

Lot's of love Salt Sisters and see you in the partner workouts (!!) with more coming from me personally, soon too ; ) XO

Join Sophe Grace and Nino: Full Body Partner Workout - 30min 

Join Sophe Grace and Rabih: Full Body HITT Workout