Body positivity isn't just an online buzzword; it's a choice to make every day

At this point, it’s a bit cliché to even write that social media makes us feel down about ourselves. It's been an ongoing slog of studies over the years that have shown a correlation between activities like scrolling through Instagram and negative body image.

All that endless scrolling (and believe me, I've put many hours in!) through social media apps with an unlimited view of edited pictures, seemingly perfect influencers and unattainable body image standards is sure to have an impact on people’s self-image. 

It is slightly hopeful to see more and more brands including body positive messaging in their campaigns, we must remember we've still got a long way to go. When Vogue included Ashley Graham in its “body diversity” shoot, she became the first plus-size woman to grace the cover - and that was fairly recently in 2017!  If you remember it, you'll remember that not everyone was pleased with how she was presented. 

Let's fast forward. Here we are, in our post-pandemic world. Jokes about gaining the “quarantine 15” while stuck at home and eating and drinking due to anxiety or boredom have abounded. For those who were working from home with little social interaction, lonely thoughts could often snowball into obsessive self-criticism.

It’s important to recognise that body positivity needs to be inclusive to all shapes, all sizes and ALL body types. I know from my own personal experience, back when I was training my own body to look like a personal trainer, I received comments on my posts like- "squat more" , "put some meat on", or was constantly told by women and sometimes even friends- "omg your so skinny" (and that was after I was eating 6 times a day and training 5 times a week) to try and gain a booty and to not look like I was 12 years old...LOL. Some people are just not built like that, and that's OK!

I have also worked with many women over the years in the modeling and fashion industry who have been criticised on social media or by other women for being ‘too thin’ and they are perfectly healthy women, who simply have that type of body shape. Who are we to criticise over what someone should or shouldn't look like? 

Being called "too big" or "too thin" or, any negative comments at all for that matter can really sting, and as easy as they are to say or type, throwing insults around is hurtful no matter what body type you have. As women, we need to boost each other up instead of criticizing due to envy or boredom scrolling.

We can see that more and more brands are making efforts to be inclusive, and the platforms themselves are making changes too. Instagram now removes content that promotes or encourages eating disorders, and in 2019 it restricted content related to certain weight loss products and cosmetic procedures. But what about all the influencers we're following?

As a brand, we're constantly finding ways to impact the world for the better, whether it's through our donations, through our products, or through our campaigns. We're giving our favourite body-positive influencers the spotlight this week. Follow them on social media and let their uplifting posts and inspiring projects motivate you to show yourself love and acceptance today—and every day. To us, this is what it truly means to use your influence in the best way. 



What's so refreshing about Dubai-based body positive influencer Danae Mercer's page is she doesn't just post herself in her natural form, she's also opening our eyes with the tips and tricks that the rest of our newsfeed is doing to play pretend. A camera angle trick, some flattering lighting, and voila, you've got yourself a thigh gap/tummy tuck/bubble butt. This content definitely makes us smile, knowing we can't be fooled by such tricks! It's important for us to be regularly reminded of what real bodies actually look like. 

Another thing we absolutely love is when someone criticizes Danae for her bum wobbles and content, she exposes their comments and does it more! and her audience LOVES it, as do we. This is real life and we love that she is such an amazing example, especially to our younger generation.

Keep it up Danae 💗



Ameni Esseibi is a woman to watch, as one of the only plus-size models in the Arab world. We love how she fearlessly broke ceilings in the region and remains as one of the top voices for body positivity in the Middle East. 



You might recognize Laura Leonide from Vogue Arabia's cover back in September, or from one of the many female empowerment brands she represents. We love her strength and positive energy and seeing how far her modeling career has grown over the years really makes us happy. We love supporting influencers like Laura who are helping to make this new world a better place.

When starting out as a new brand, there are often limitations and MOQ's that restrict us from doing everything we set out to do, however, as we grow, so does our ability to become more size inclusive. We have always wanted our swimwear to be be for everyone, so I'm pleased to introduce new inclusive sizing options to parts of our range! 

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